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DIY Optimization Kit

Who Can Our DIY Optimization Kit Help?

Sadly, CRO Services simply don’t generate enough ROI for clients if their traffic levels are too low. The truth is that in many cases we could literally double the conversion rate itself but with low traffic levels, the actual sales volume would not increase enough to generate a solid ROI.

That’s Exactly Why We Created the DIY Optimization Kit

Increasing your conversion rate will always boost site profitability but sometimes: Not enough to justify hiring outside CRO experts to do the optimization for you. However, using our DIY Optimization Kit, you can quickly fix your site’s main conversion problems and boost site profitability– for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do it for you!

How Our DIY Optimization Kit Actually Works

Although Conversion Rate Optimization is very effective in driving up online profitability and already used by some of the world’s largest companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook: Well, it’s expensive.

The problem is that no two websites are the same which means different platforms, business models, traffic sources, etc– they all need to be analyzed and studied to truly optimize and fix all the conversion problems. This is why companies like CRE will study your website traffic and systems for a full 90 days before they will even begin optimizing your site. And that, gets expensive very quickly.

The DIY Optimization Kit Helps Boost Your Conversions NOW

The CRE system of studying your site for 3 months before optimizing your site is the BEST WAY to optimize your site for MAXIMUM conversions. However, the average website owner isn’t necessarily looking to have the perfect site and everything fully optimize– THEY JUST NEED ADDITIONAL SALES AND PROFITS NOW.

And this is EXACTLY what our DIY Optimization Kit is designed to do and here’s exactly how:

Step 1: We Analyze Your Core Metrics in Google Analytics


After optimizing 100s of websites and landing pages, we know that while no two optimizations are the same, most conversions problems are isolated to the following:
1. Your Core Converting Content (landing pages, home page, product descriptions,etc.)
2. Your Checkout/Fulfillment Process
3. Traffic Sources
4. Sales Funnels
Google Analytics tracks the core metrics that measure the strength of these 4 primary areas of your website. If we find weak converting landing pages and content, we will proceed to Step 2. If not, we proceed to Step 3.

Step 2: Install Heat Mapping


Most smaller websites have one primary landing page that generates the majority of leads or conversions. We have heat mapping software that can quickly find the copywriting and design problems on any landing page. So, if our analysis identifies weak conversion content as a problem, we will generate the tracking code for you to install on one landing page/product description/home page of your site.

Step 3: Identify and Prioritize Main Conversion Problems


Not all conversion problems will affect conversions equally. Most importantly: Fixing conversion problems will generate very different ROI depending on which order you fix them.

Our DIY Optimization Kit is designed to both identify and prioritize all of your conversion problems and tell you which problems (and fixing them of course) will generate the most profit for your website.

Step 4: Create Your Optimization Blueprint


In Step 4, we actually tell you how to fix each of your primary conversion problems identified in the previous step. These instructions are designed so that you can hand them off to your regular team of web experts and have them implement these solutions ASAP.

Step 5: Create Your Landing Page Wireframe and Outline


Every DIY Optimization Kit includes 1 wireframe and outline of your primary conversion page. In most cases, this will be a landing page but depending on your business model, may be your Home Page or even a main product description. Rest assured, whatever page it is was the page we studied with heat mapping analysis to first identify all of the conversion problems on the page.

The Wireframe and Outline includes a guide for revamping the landing page for significantly higher conversions based upon direct heat mapping analysis. We will provide the primary theme, sales tool selection and placement, and a guide for you or your team to use when revamping the page.

What You Actually “Get” with Your DIY
Optimization Kit

To put it bluntly: The DIY Optimization Kit is designed to be the most affordable AND effective optimization solution for today’s busy, stressed-out, and cash-strapped business owners. Far more than a mere report with a bunch of meaningless facts and words, the DIY Optimization Kit includes everything you need to reap the benefits of CRO:

What You Receive with Your DIY
Optimization Kit

1. Website Evaluation

Once our analysis of your core metrics is complete, we will create your custom Website Evaluation that both lists your main conversion problems– but also prioritizes them for maximum ROI. We specifically evaluate:

  • A. Main Conversion Content
  • B. Primary Traffic Sources
  • C. Sales Funnels
  • D. Checkout Process/Platforms

2. Heat Map of Your Primary Landing Page

If our website evaluation identifies conversion content like your Home Page or a main Landing Page, we will generate a tracking code for you to install on your site. Once you do, we will track visitors on this page and generate an aggregated heat map that isolates weak copywriting, CTA’s, and design issues.

3. Custom Optimization Blueprint

Once your primary conversion problems have been isolated and prioritized for ROI potential, we will then generate your custom Optimization Blueprint with specific instructions for fixing each issue. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions are included.

4. One Landing Page Wireframe, Outline, and Implementation Instructions

On the vast majority of smaller websites (less than 250k annual visitors), the biggest conversion problem is a weak landing page or piece of primary conversion content. Therefore, we’re going to help you optimize this critical page by first studying it with heat mapping analysis: And then creating your custom wireframe, outline, and implementation instructions to help revamp this page for significantly higher conversions. Don’t worry: If you don’t have time to implement yourself, you can give this information to your team or a freelancer and they will be able to do it for you!

5. 1-Hour of Transferrable 1-On-1 Consulting

We understand that you are busy running your website and may need some additional help and insight to implement your custom Optimization Blueprint. That is why we provide 1 Hour of 1-on-1 Consulting with one of our optimization experts to make sure you get things done right and reap the full benefits of our service.

But, we understand that you may be too busy running your website to actually implement yourself. This is why we offer all clients the option of transferring their 1 Hour of consulting to the head of their web team so they can speak with us directly. However, we must ask that if the hour is transferred, the entire hour is transferred and used in one meeting.

The DIY Optimization Kit Makes Optimization Both Affordable and Practical!

Price: $399.00

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