Is Your Mobile Traffic Converting…or Just Browsing?

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Mobile traffic now accounts for more than 50% of total visitors to most online businesses.  In theory, your mobile traffic conversions should be similar (in terms of percentage of visitors) to desktop traffic.  But for a significant number of our clients, their mobile traffic is simply converting significantly lower than desktop.  In some cases, mobile traffic conversions trail desktop conversions by 50% or more.  Let’s take a look at an example:

mobile traffic conversions example

Mobile traffic conversions are less than 50% of desktop conversions in this screenshot which adds up to loads of missed sales and wasted marketing dollars.


As you can see, mobile traffic conversions are at 1.56% here vs. 5.38% for desktop and 5.08% for tablet.  Think of it another way:  If mobile traffic (18000 sessions) had converted at even 4%, that would add up to 440 MORE sales from the exact same number of mobile visitors!

Now is 4% a realistic goal for mobile traffic conversions?  Yes, it is very attainable because you typically expect about a 20% drop-off or variance between desktop and mobile conversions.  Therefore, a 20% drop from the desktop conversion rate should net you a 4% average conversion rate for mobile visitors.  So at 1.56%, this site’s mobile traffic is converting at approximately 40% of it’s potential and missing out on 100’s of additional sales each month.

How To Assess Mobile Traffic Conversions

Google Analytics is one of the easiest and most convenient tools (plus its free!) to quickly determine your mobile conversion rate.  To do so, you first must set up goals/ecommerce to track online conversions.  Then, monitoring your mobile traffic conversion rate can be done in three simple steps once the account is configured for goal monitoring:

1.  Go to Audience (left hand column from dashboard)

2.  Click on Mobile

3.  Select Overview

That will take you to a screen like the one above and show you what your mobile traffic conversions are along with Desktop and Tablet conversions as well.  Again, a 20% drop-off in mobile conversions is common but when you start seeing a 30, 40, 50% or higher difference, then you definitely have some problems.

What Causes Low Mobile Traffic Conversions?

In many cases, the problem is technology.  Specifically, many platforms like Word Press have plugins that automatically transform your typical web pages into “mobile responsive” pages.  While convenient and actually useful on very simple sites, these plugins can devastate your mobile traffic conversions–to the tune of a 50% or more.

What’s the problem?  Well, these plugins automatically reconfigure your original desktop content and essentially “rearrange” major sections and graphics.  Although great in theory, these programs typically place CTA’s, destroy UX features, and just rearrange everything into a format that is literally toxic to conversions.

After all, if someone has to scroll down through screen after screen to find a sign-up or buy now button, your odds of converting are much lower than if the CTA were placed properly like on the desktop version.

So what’s the solution to your low mobile traffic conversions?

Creating Custom Mobile Responsive Versions of Key Conversion Content

With so many conversions at stake and so much mobile traffic, it is worth the added investment to create specific mobile responsive versions of all your key conversion content, including your Home Page.  Presently, this cannot be done by any plugins or automated programs.  You have to create custom mobile responsive versions of all critical conversion content and ideally all content (at least create custom templates for the non-critical content).

Specifically, you want these custom mobile responsive pages/templates to:

  • Get Primary CTA or Link to CTA Above the Fold
  • Truncate Large Sections of Text and Hide Behind Tabs (learn more buttons)
  • Minimize Use of Side Columns
  • Ensure All CTA’s and UX Features Are Simple and Intuitive
  • Position Sales Tools in Proper Order (this is not the case with most plugins)

In truth, you’ll need to do some testing to isolate the best mobile responsive design for your online business.  But if you have low mobile traffic conversions while desktop and tablet are doing significantly better, the problem is likely caused by a plugin or program that is automatically converting site content into mobile responsive pages.

Of course, there are loads of issues that can cause a weak conversion rate so just use the instructions above to quickly find out if your mobile responsive pages may be the source of your problems.

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