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Will Website Optimization Boost Conversion Rate Enough to Justify the Expense?

boost website conversion rate
If I’m brutally honest, then I would tell you that website optimization benefits do not always justify the expense and time investment. However, it’s equally true to say that in the majority of cases, optimizing a website can literally boost overall conversions by 50-100% or more with zero increase in marketing costs. However, website optimization (aka conversion rate optimization) also tends to be a sizeable investm
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So What is Website Optimization?

website optimization infographic
It’s a deceptively simple question: What is website optimization? Is it basically just SEO where the objective is to boost online sales via higher quality and quantity of traffic? Or is site optimization more akin to website split testing where the objective is to test headlines, bullet points, and offer details to find the best converting combination? Perhaps we are actually talking about conversion rate optimizatio
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